Autism and Aspergers

Autism and Asperger’s

At HOPE, we work one-on-one with children of all ages and a variety of personalities. Hyperbaric oxygen’s (HBO) effects will vary among persons with symptoms found in Asperger’s, Autism, ADHD, and non-verbal learning conditions, and no medical professional can tell you what the outcome will be.

However, past experience at HOPE has shown that all gut conditions, like Candida, tend to be very responsive to our sessions. In many cases, stimming and other unique behaviors are lessened with HBO (and other therapies), but, again, no one can predict the results.

Please see the Resources section to read and inform yourself of the effects of HBO. Contact Mike at [email protected], or send an email to [email protected] with your specific question and condition, and we can direct you to the medical studies for that condition, to help you make informed decisions.

While some parents wish to have the hyperbaric oxygen done at home, it is recommended that all parents experience the HBO at a facility outside of the home, first, to learn about the nuances of HBO. Although it may seem the best route to rent a portable chamber, there are drawbacks that aren’t easy to understand or realize. Please look to us for insights into this decision-making process, to protect your investment and make informed and safe decisions. We’re here to help you do what is best – but safe – for your particular family situation and understand the burdens you have.

In terms of pricing, we have flexible options, including sharing ‘dives’ with others, using pressure without oxygen (mHBOT, or mild HBOT), and financial aid. All visits require a doctor’s prescription, but let us know how we can help.


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