What to expect during a HBOT session

A safe, regulated independent hyperbaric facility in Massachusetts, HOPE is consistently helping doctors and patients find newly published medical studies and articles on HBO and how HBO might positively affect certain conditions. Because we are focused solely on hyperbaric oxygen, we tend to already have the supporting literature you and your doctor need. So, please let feel free to engage your HOPE representative for any questions or concerns, no matter how small.

Prior to going into one of our chambers, we’ll want to get to know you and understand what results you (or your loved one) are expecting. We’ll give you a tour of the facility and review in depth what a ‘dive’ entails and the risks involved. (Note: the word ‘dive’ is just a term that is used interchangeably with ‘session’ – you won’t be getting wet!) A HOPE representative will be available to meet with you in-person or talk to you over the phone (or through email) to help you understand the science underlying hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) and what it might be able to do for you.

Primary to our philosophy is that for anyone inquiring about HBO, the science of hyperbaric oxygen should be explained simply and in detail. Although it is deeply scientific, HBO is simply the breathing of oxygen while the body is under pressure. Because the concept of pressure is well understood using the metaphor of a ‘submarine’ or a ‘scuba diver’ diving to a depth below the surface, an HBO session started becoming referred to as a ‘dive.’ So, if we say that you will be ‘diving’ at, say, 17 feet, that just means if you were swimming in a pool, your ears would feel like they were under 17 feet of water. But, again, you will just be sitting on a mat in an enclosed room called a chamber.

At the outset, we will convey to you that there are no guarantees that your body will respond to hyperbaric oxygen. We’ll even ask you to verify that we’ve told you this. Even though we’ve seen firsthand how HBO positively affects those recovering with certain conditions, no one (no doctor, no physician, no one) can claim that HBO will be effective for you. As we strive to educate all individuals (medical professionals, or client-patients), getting you to understand the delivering of 100% oxygen to the cell tissues of the human body is an important first objective – whether you wish to pursue HBO with HOPE or not. We want you to make as an informed decision as possible, with our input and your medical practitioner’s input. You should feel 100% comfortable with using our chambers before you use our chambers.

Anytime at HOPE, you will never be alone. We will guide you through the understanding process, and we will make sure you are comfortable for your hour-long session. Whether you’re coming alone or with a child for the first time, or if you are simply gathering information to start ‘diving’ at a later date, your representative at HOPE – Mike, Craig, or Eric (or all) – will be available. Call, text, or email Mike today at (978) 290-3472 with any questions at all, or email any of the staff for a quick answer. If you’d like to schedule a time to visit or to simply ask questions – there’s never any commitment needed – fill out the form on the Contact page.

Many parents are unfamiliar with HBOT, but all leading facilities operate on the same principles: safety, awareness, and comfort.

On the day that you are ready for your first session, Mike, Eric, or Craig will ask you to remove all objects from your pockets (you must wear 100% cotton clothing only) and remind you how to clear your ears. The pre-dive (pre-session) checklist includes monitoring for ear trouble and high skin temperatures (and fever).

Next, with your oxygen hood or mask next to you (we’ll size one up for you when you’ve decided you want to pursue HBO), you’ll sit in the chamber until the prescribed depth is reached. Then, the chamber operator will let you know to put your hood (or mask) over your head. With the hood on, you’ll remain sitting or lying down, breathe in as you normally would, and relax for an hour. After an hour, you will remove the hood. You’ll open the door of the chamber and step out. And that is the end of the session.

Sometimes, parents and others might be in the waiting area, so this is a good time to meet others using HBOT.

Like anything that is new, people initially feel out of place, but after a few ‘dives,’ people become more at ease coming to HOPE. HBOT is a simple and effective way to improved healing and wellness.